The Loci Stage was created by Attila Lázár, puppeteer and musician, in 2000.

Personal data:
Name: Attila LÁZÁR
Date of Birth: Marosvásárhely (Ro), 10 th of January 1959.
Correspondence: H-3327 Novaj, István út 21., Hungary
Contact: Tel., Fax: +36/36/556 -256 ; Mobile: +36/30/3572645
E - mail:

2012: G.Karoli Ref. University in Budapest (H) - Theatre Studies, MA program, a graduate student
1986: State Puppet Theatre's puppetactor training course, Targu Mures - puppetactor ("The settlement of the stage drama" qualified)
1978: Targu Mures People's Art School - Diploma in musical studies (classical guitar department)
1978: Farkas Bolyai Theoretical Highschool, Tirgu Mures (Ro)
2000-present: self-employed artist, I am doing art activities, known as Lóci Stage
1990-2012: Harlequin Puppet Theatre, Eger (H) - puppetactor
1985-1988: besides puppetacting, I was a classical guitar instructor in the People's Art School, Targu Mures (Ro)
1982-1990: State Puppet Theatre, Targu Mures (Ro) - puppetactor

Important role:
Garcia Lorca: Don Cristobal - Rosita's father
András Sütő: Adventures In Ihajcsuhajdia - Bachelor ; Musical Devil
Ervin Lázár: The Smallest Witch - Little King Nicholas
Joseph Dr.Venczel: Mystery Game - Christ
Gyula Urban: Every Mouse Loves Cheese - Soma
Ferenc Móra: Walnut Prince - 17 roles
French naughty stories: Donkey's Testament - six roles
Márta Tömöry: The Magic Lamp - Storyteller ; Aladdin
Bea Muszty - András Dobay: The Blue Magic Cake - Vibrato
Yevgeny Svarc: Two Maple Sapling - Yegor ; Golyhó
Sándor Petőfi: John The Gallant - John
Géza Gárdonyi - Hajnal Suba: Animal Tales - Writer
Anna Band: Biblical Stories I - Lord ; Serpent ; Devil
H.C. Andersen - Hajnal Suba: The Snow Queen - Kay, Crow, Prince
Cooper - Andrea Székely: Hawkeye - Hawkeye
Sebastian Lantos Tinódi: The Summing Up Of The History Of Eger - solo show
AdorjánVictor - László Vincze: Stag - Shaman
Mihály Fazekas - László Hárs: Mat Goose - Mat Goose
Anna Band: Biblical Stories II. (The Flood) - Noah
Benedek Elek - János Szántai: The Shaman Goat - Shepherd Lad
Hajnal Suba: Puppet Dancing Nativity - solo show
István Fekete - Andrea Székely: Vuk - Karak
Mark Twain - Tibor Zalán: Prince And The Beggar - John Mc Canthy
Benedek Elek - Bea Világos: There-is-no Prince - There-is-no Prince
Márta Tömöry - Zsolt Szász: Harlequin and Pierrot - Musician
Albert Gyergyai - Tibor Zalán: Árgyélus The Prince - King
Veronika Marék: Kippkopp's Christmas - Starlet
Tales of Arabian Nights: Aladdin And The Magic Lamp - Jafar
Ágnes Bálint: Raisins - Troll
István Csukás: Süsü - King, Coal-burner
János Arany: The mustache - Gypsy King
Grimm - Nelly Litvai: The Goose Shepherdess - King, Musician
Selma Langerlöff - Johanna Bertóti: Nils Holgersson - Father, Hunter, Eagle, Dog
L. Frank Baum - György Schwajda: Oz The Wizard - Uncle Henry, Oz
Skills and other activities:
2015: appears his second CD-album: Writing The Summing Up Of... - Songs Accompanied By Kobza, Tambura, Lute, Hemlock Whistle
2014: appears his first CD-album: Journeys of My Desire - Songs Accompanied By Classical Guitar
From 2014: member of Cantus Agriensis Chamber Choir - Eger (H)
From 2009: member of The Old Historical Music Ensemble - Eger (H)
2007: Early Music, singing and lute-master class, direction of Ildiko Hajnal singer and Istvan Konya lute artist - Székesfehérvár (H)
From 2003: member of Andante Chamber Choir - Eger (H)
1995-2003: member of Agria Mixed Choir - Eger (H)
1994-1997: member of the Poppyflower old and folk music ensemble - Budapest
I am playing on Guitar, Lute, Kobza, Tambura, Viola, Flute and other musical instruments.

Belonging to professional organizations, functions:
From 2012: member of Theatre Workers' Union Freelance Actors Fund Organization
2003-2009: member of Harlequin Puppet Theatre's Arts Council - Eger (H)
2004-2012: President of the Theatre Workers' Union Harlequin Puppet Theatre Fund Organization
Since 1998: member of UNIMA, the International Association Of Puppetry
From 1993 member of the Hungarian Association Of Puppetry

Knowledge of languages:
French, Romanian - good communication level
English: intermediate level exam

2014: receives the Ariel Theatre's Life Member title for unbroken commitment to the theater and puppetry, and excellent professional performance
2004: Diploma of UNIMA at XIIIth Pécs's International Adult Puppet Festival for Outstanding Achievement
2002: Best Male Performance of the season - Harlequin Puppet Theatre, Eger
1995: six roles in the performance for which the Harlequin Puppet Theatre in Eger won the high graduation of UNIMA, in the XIth Pécs's International Adult Puppet Festival
1994: Kaláka Folk Festival - Special Prize