The Loci Stage was created by Attila Lázár, puppeteer and musician, in 2000.

Personal data: 
Name: Attila LÁZÁR 
Date of Birth: Marosvásárhely (Ro), 10 th of January 1959. 
Correspondence: H-3327 Novaj, István út 21., Hungary 
Contact: Tel., Fax: +36/36/556 -256 ; Mobile: +36/30/3572645 
E – mail: 

Since September 2020 he has been studying at the Szabolcsi Bence Music School in Budapest, in its first lute class in Hungary. The class is headed by lute artist István Kónya, who holds a degree from the Royal Coservatory in The Hague (the Netherlands), where he was taught by Toyohiko Satoh, the Japanese lutenist.
2012: G.Karoli Ref. University in Budapest (H) – Theatre Studies, MA program, a graduate student 
1986: State Puppet Theatre’s puppetactor training course, Targu Mures – puppetactor (“The settlement of the stage drama” qualified) 
1978: Targu Mures People’s Art School – Diploma in musical studies (classical guitar department) 
1978: Farkas Bolyai Theoretical Highschool, Tirgu Mures (Ro) 
2000-present: self-employed artist, I am doing art activities, known as Lóci Stage 
1990-2012: Harlequin Puppet Theatre, Eger (H) – puppetactor 
1985-1988: besides puppetacting, I was a classical guitar instructor in the People’s Art School, Targu Mures (Ro) 
1982-1990: State Puppet Theatre, Targu Mures (Ro) – puppetactor 

Important role: 
Garcia Lorca: Don Cristobal – Rosita’s father 
András Sütő: Adventures In Ihajcsuhajdia – Bachelor ; Musical Devil 
Ervin Lázár: The Smallest Witch – Little King Nicholas 
Joseph Dr.Venczel: Mystery Game – Christ 
Gyula Urban: Every Mouse Loves Cheese – Soma 
Ferenc Móra: Walnut Prince – 17 roles 
French naughty stories: Donkey’s Testament – six roles 
Márta Tömöry: The Magic Lamp – Storyteller ; Aladdin 
Bea Muszty – András Dobay: The Blue Magic Cake – Vibrato 
Yevgeny Svarc: Two Maple Sapling – Yegor ; Golyhó 
Sándor Petőfi: John The Gallant – John 
Géza Gárdonyi – Hajnal Suba: Animal Tales – Writer 
Anna Band: Biblical Stories I – Lord ; Serpent ; Devil 
H.C. Andersen – Hajnal Suba: The Snow Queen – Kay, Crow, Prince 
Cooper – Andrea Székely: Hawkeye – Hawkeye 
Sebastian Lantos Tinódi: The Summing Up Of The History Of Eger – solo show 
AdorjánVictor – László Vincze: Stag – Shaman 
Mihály Fazekas – László Hárs: Mat Goose – Mat Goose 
Anna Band: Biblical Stories II. (The Flood) – Noah 
Benedek Elek – János Szántai: The Shaman Goat – Shepherd Lad 
Hajnal Suba: Puppet Dancing Nativity – solo show 
István Fekete – Andrea Székely: Vuk – Karak 
Mark Twain – Tibor Zalán: Prince And The Beggar – John Mc Canthy 
Benedek Elek – Bea Világos: There-is-no Prince – There-is-no Prince 
Márta Tömöry – Zsolt Szász: Harlequin and Pierrot – Musician 
Albert Gyergyai – Tibor Zalán: Árgyélus The Prince – King 
Veronika Marék: Kippkopp’s Christmas – Starlet 
Tales of Arabian Nights: Aladdin And The Magic Lamp – Jafar 
Ágnes Bálint: Raisins – Troll 
István Csukás: Süsü – King, Coal-burner 
János Arany: The mustache – Gypsy King 
Grimm – Nelly Litvai: The Goose Shepherdess – King, Musician 
Selma Langerlöff – Johanna Bertóti: Nils Holgersson – Father, Hunter, Eagle, Dog 
L. Frank Baum – György Schwajda: Oz The Wizard – Uncle Henry, Oz 
Skills and other activities: 
2015: appears his second CD-album: Writing The Summing Up Of… – Songs Accompanied By Kobza, Tambura, Lute, Hemlock Whistle
2014: appears his first CD-album: Journeys of My Desire – Songs Accompanied By Classical Guitar 
From 2014: member of Cantus Agriensis Chamber Choir – Eger (H) 
From 2009: member of The Old Historical Music Ensemble – Eger (H) 
2007: Early Music, singing and lute-master class, direction of Ildiko Hajnal singer and Istvan Konya lute artist – Székesfehérvár (H) 
From 2003: member of Andante Chamber Choir – Eger (H) 
1998: In Milan appears The Wildfowls LP Album 1-3.
1995-2003: member of Agria Mixed Choir – Eger (H) 
1994-1997: member of the Poppyflower old and folk music ensemble – Budapest 
I am playing on Guitar, Lute, Kobza, Tambura, Viola, Flute and other musical instruments. 

Belonging to professional organizations, functions: 
From 2012: member of Theatre Workers’ Union Freelance Actors Fund Organization 
2003-2009: member of Harlequin Puppet Theatre’s Arts Council – Eger (H) 
2004-2012: President of the Theatre Workers’ Union Harlequin Puppet Theatre Fund Organization 
Since 1998: member of UNIMA, the International Association Of Puppetry 
From 1993 member of the Hungarian Association Of Puppetry 

Knowledge of languages: 
French, Romanian – good communication level 
English: intermediate level exam 

2014: receives the Ariel Theatre’s Life Member title for unbroken commitment to the theater and puppetry, and excellent professional performance 
2004: Diploma of UNIMA at XIIIth Pécs’s International Adult Puppet Festival for Outstanding Achievement 
2002: Best Male Performance of the season – Harlequin Puppet Theatre, Eger 
1995: six roles in the performance for which the Harlequin Puppet Theatre in Eger won the high graduation of UNIMA, in the XIth Pécs’s International Adult Puppet Festival 
1994: Kaláka Folk Festival – Special Prize